SCHAUMBURG, Ill.—Regular Baptist churches and associations around the country have caught the vision of ministering to Hispanics. Churches are holding Spanish-speaking services or integrating Spanish into mainly English services. Missionaries are planting Hispanic churches. And mission agencies supported by Regular Baptist churches are homing in on areas of ministry that have typically been for English speakers only. Read about a few of these:

The number of Hispanic Baptist churches is growing both within the United States and throughout Latin America, says Bruce Burkholder, director of theological education at Editorial Bautista Independiente, in Sebring, Fla. “The parallel rise of religious cults, the charismatic movement, prosperity theology, and other doctrinal aberrations within Hispanic evangelicalism creates a chaotic religious environment and a plethora of questionable evangelical literature.”

Spanish_inlineAlex Bauman, director of Regular Baptist Press, understands the need for Spanish curriculum that is both doctrinally sound and exceptionally designed. “RBP and EBI are both contributing their strengths to provide such a curriculum for Spanish-speaking adults,” he says. EBI is now translating and contextualizing RBP’s Life Design curriculum. The result is a trustworthy curriculum line that has the potential for great influence.

Burkholder agrees, saying: “We at EBI are pleased to partner with RBP in the publication of the new Life Design Sunday School series. Our doctrinal agreement, Baptist heritage, and similar philosophy of ministry make our partnership a good fit. We believe that this series will be a tremendous blessing to Hispanic churches, and we are praying that God would use it greatly for His glory.”

Bauman invites North American churches to “take advantage of the curriculum for your ministry. Or, consider using the material as a tool in starting a ministry to Hispanics.”