CLEAR LAKE, Iowa—Latinos from across Iowa have gathered for a Hispanic retreat at Iowa Regular Baptist Camp. Eighty-five people attended the two-day for preaching, singing, and fellowship—all in Spanish!

Those who attended were from three Spanish-language ministries at Hispanic Baptist Church, Waterloo; Northridge Baptist Church, Des Moines; and First Baptist Church, Perry. Pastor Eduardo Ortiz from Mexico City was the guest speaker and he challenged the believers to trust the Lord as clay in the hands of the potter. Previously, many at the retreat had seen Pastor Oritz’s Bible doctrine DVD from El Ministerio Bible Institute.

David Whitcher, director of Hispanic Ministries for Baptist Church Planters, shared that five people made spiritual decisions the first night. Several believers shared testimonies about how God has been working in their lives. Another guest shared a testimony of his former life as a drug user in California, but then moved to Iowa where he found Christ and attends Northridge Baptist.