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Join the GARBC

Partner with us to accomplish God’s mission

Partner with like-minded churches

We are a network of independent churches, united in common beliefs and partnering together to cultivate healthy relationships, elevate each other's ministries, and fulfill God’s Great Commission. Join the GARBC and partner with other congregations eager to make disciples, develop leaders, and establish churches within the context of sound Bible doctrine.

Why join the GARBC?

Get Resources

Be equipped with tools and resources that free you to focus on your ministry and do the everyday work of discipleship and leadership.

Find Community

Connect with others in your area and find support from other churches and leaders who understand where you are and what you’re facing.

Ignite Revitalization

Become a healthier church body with renewed purpose as you share the Gospel to make disciples in your community and around the globe.

Additional Benefits

Mission Churches or Church Plants

  • IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status (effective upon acceptance of the church into the association at the GARBC Annual Conference in June)
  • Access to free Sunday School and VBS literature 
  • Application for church construction grants from Generate
  • Free registration at the GARBC Annual Conference
  • Generate Church Grants are available to help establish new church plants

Self-Supporting Churches

Supporting Churches

  • IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status (effective upon acceptance of the church into the association at the GARBC Annual Conference in June)
  • One-time free registration at the GARBC Annual Conference for first-time attendees or for pastors and wives of churches applying for fellowship with the GARBC
  • Opportunity to apply for financial grants from Generate: 
    • Generate Facility Grants are available to help improve facilities to better accomplish your church’s mission.
    • Generate Renewal Grants are available to help your church walk through a process of revitalization.
    • Generate Relief Grants are available to assist your church in recovering from a natural disaster or to serve your community as it recovers from a natural disaster.

Ready to take the next step?

1. Apply for Fellowship

Apply for fellowship with the GARBC. There’s no cost to join, and new members are formally accepted during the annual GARBC conference in June.

2. Join the GARBC

Upon joining, you’ll get access to resources, events, and a network of pastors and churches who are like-minded in evangelism and beliefs.

3. Fulfill the Great Commission

Grow your impact, your network, and the health of your church in partnership with other like-minded ministries in the GARBC.

Frequently Asked Questions

My church wants to join the fellowship. What are the requirements?

  • Any church seeking fellowship in the GARBC must: 
    • Subscribe to our Articles of Faith and Constitution of the association
    • Publicly identify itself as a Baptist church in corporate documents and practice
    • Separate from affiliation or association with any group that condones theological liberalism.

Is there a fee required to join the GARBC?

No mandatory fees or support requirements exist for fellowshipping with the GARBC. However, offers of prayer and financial support are always welcomed and appreciated.

How can I participate in the GARBC once I join?

As a part of the GARBC, here are a few ways you can get involved with the fellowship: 

  • Taking part in our events that help strengthen the local church 
  • Sharing church ministry ideas with other leaders
  • Volunteering to pray and support our various ministries 
  • Praying for our sister churches 
  • Contributing articles on church ministries, doctrine, and trends to the Baptist Bulletin 
  • Supporting the ministry by giving or purchasing Regular Baptist Press resources
  • Hosting ministry conferences and workshops to help build up our sister churches

My mission church or church plant isn’t sponsored by a GARBC church or Regular Baptist regional, state, or local association. Can I still become a fellowship member?

If you are not sponsored by a GARBC or Regular Baptist association, please include the following documents from your church with your application:

  • Articles of Faith
  • Church Covenant
  • Church Constitution