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Nebraska Pastors Report on Flooding

OMAHA, Neb.—Shawn Rittmiller, pastor of Park Lane Baptist Church, reports that as of March 18, all the churches in the Nebraska Association of Regular Baptist Churches have been accounted for regarding this month’s catastrophic flooding.

Specifically, he says that Omaha proper is not affected this time, other than snow and rainwater causing some basements to leak. However, travel to some towns has been affected by road closures because of water or water damage making roads impassable. Whispering Cedars Baptist Camp (between Genoa and Fullerton) “is very soggy, and travel to town is only via ‘scenic route.’ In order for camp to flood, Noah would be sailing through.”

Pastor Bryan D. Clark reports that his church, Gretna (Nebraska) Baptist, southwest of Omaha, has been partnering with The Dragons Closet to accept donations of clothing, cleaning supplies, and water for flood relief victims in Sarpy County and the surrounding area.

Pastor Keith Hunt reports from First Baptist Church in Nebraska City, which is on the “high side” of the Missouri River. “Our church facilities are on high ground, praise the Lord! We do have a few families that are directly affected by the flooding. At least two families (who live on the Iowa side) have evacuated and will not know the extent of the damage until they are able to get back to their homes. Fortunately, God has provided temporary housing for them with family and friends. It is possible that they will not have any damage, but they still can’t make it to their homes because the roads are covered.”

As of March 19, church members are in “the wait-and-see phase.” If they have damage, the Nebraska-side members will try to reach them. But Pastor Hunt says, “The bridge between Nebraska and Iowa is closed. Our families that live in Iowa can’t make it to church. (Well, they could, but it would be a 2½ hour drive to go 6 miles!)” In the meantime, church members are dropping off donations to other groups that are ministering to flood victims.