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God Is Still Calling Men to Ministry, Pastor Says

John Raver, a member of Damascus Road Community Baptist Church, receives a license to preach.

COCKEYSVILLE, Md.—On July 11 Damascus Road Community Baptist Church ordained two of its deacons, Mike Childress and Warren Gantt, and issued a license to preach to one of its members, John Raver, a farmer.

“God has been with us throughout this pandemic, and God is calling men to accept the role of serving God,” says Pastor Tony Lawson. “Our small new church plant continues to share the gospel to all who will listen.”

Damascus Road Community Baptist Church started in 2018 in a homeless shelter. The church now operates Damascus Road Bible Institute, educating college students at seven campuses around the world; provides a nonprofit food donation ministry that feeds over 3,000 people every year; operates a Christian bookstore; and hosts a weekly radio program, with 936 people listening around the world.

“When folks and pastors ask me how did our small church accomplish all of this in three years, I simply smile and tell them we didn’t do anything, but rather God did it,” Tony says.

One of the things that I learned when I resigned from pastoring a church to start Damascus Road is that you do not have to be a megachurch for God to use you. God can take a small church and make a huge ministry out of it.”