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You Have to Read This (an update to my last post)

Like I said, it’s funny how some things intersect. After viewing Mark Driscoll’s video and reading Faith Pulpit, you have to read Kevin Bauder’s latest In the Nick of Time. He nails it on the chin or the head (whichever you prefer), but he nails it.


  • Terry Gibson says:

    I have been enjoying Kevin Bauder’s articles for a long time. His entire series on the roots of fundamentalism are essential reading. He always nails it.
    After seeing Driscoll’s video last week I was thinking about it. He always goes for the big splash, and like you I wish he had used the label ‘legalist’ instead of ‘fundamentalist.’
    I have dropped fundamentalist from my vocabulary just because it is so misunderstood that it no longer communicates what I want to communicate.
    I am concerned about Dr. Shrader’s point of view when he does not defend why we should obey lists and when he assigns motives of ‘church growth’ and worldly compromise to those who repudiate such lists.
    It really is a cart before the horse issue. Do we keep ‘lists’ to please God? or do we keep ‘lists’ because God is please with us in Christ?
    When we step into the first camp, we step into legalism, no matter how long or short our list is.

  • Josh Byers says:

    Kevin’s article I believe sums up what an entire generation (or maybe just me) has been trying to articulate and flesh out in their own theology and lives.

    Those of us in our 30’s right now, seem to have been stuck between the backlash of new-evangelicalism from our fathers and grandfathers who in some cases took it too far and the emergents born out of rebellion to that backlash. I believe that the conservative evangelicals have settled into the sweet spot we have been looking for.

    So while we do not agree on everything we stand side by side because we are realizing the most important thing is that the Gospel is preached.

  • Gary Collins says:

    Thanks for sharing this link. Kevin Bauder is obviously not only a great historian but is able to articulate what is happening right now. Though I am less “Reformed” than even many pastors in the GARBC, I learn much from the pens of Dever, Carson, DeYoung and other reformed, I mean, conservative evangelicals.

  • Jamie Hart says:

    I enjoyed the article as well…my problem is that I’m not a big fan of labels. I don’t believe labels do what they are intended to do…define. We can’t decide what “Fundamentalist” means…and exactly what is a “Conservative Evangelical”? I can’t decide which label I would apply to MYSELF…let alone anyone else. That being said, I have a very hard time publically claiming a label. When I say “Cornerstone is a Fundamental Baptist Church”, someone in the GARBC may say “Amen!” understanding I mean that I believe and defend the 5 fundamentals. But the average person has all sorts of ideas about what “Fundamentalist” means.

    Labels…great for soup…not so great for Christians, IMO.

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