Joe Dallas and Nancy Heche, general editors
Harvest House, 501 Pages, Paper, $19.99

In the introduction the authors tell of their own experience with homosexuality. Joe Dallas, who has led Exodus International, a major ministry to gays, tells how he was involved as a young person with the lifestyle before he became a believer. Nancy Heche was married for 25 years to a man who was living a secret life as a homosexual. Her daughter, actress Anne Heche, was also caught up in the lifestyle. The book’s introduction points out fundamental Scriptural facts that must be brought to bear on this sin.

The book has six parts: Part 1 deals with the problem of homosexuality as it relates to churches. Part 2 is devoted to understanding and rebutting gay theology. Part 3 deals with theories on the origin of the problem. Part 4 focuses on counseling with those who struggle with homosexuality. Part 5 has to do with parental and spousal dilemmas, and with gay teens. Part 6 includes sections on gays in the military, pro-gay education in schools, hate crime legislation, and other societal issues. The final chapter is titled “A Christlike Response.” A bibliography, online resources, and an index complete this valuable tool.