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Book Review: Handbook of Evangelical Theology

ROBERT P. LIGHTNER, Kregel, 312 Pages, Paper, $18.99

This volume is a work of sorts on systematic theology, yet it is different from most in that it compares various viewpoints within so-called evangelicalism rather than just focusing on the author’s views. The main categories of theology—bibliology (the Scriptures), God, anthropology (man), hamartiology (sin), soteriology (salvation), ecclesiology (church), and so forth—are covered by defining them, followed by noting historical backgrounds and similar and differing positions in so-called evangelicalism. At the end of each chapter are questions for discussion and suggestions for further reading. Name, subject, and Scripture indexes round out this useful work. The book will help the reader to identify where he stands in relation to other groups. Lightner is a sound, Biblical theologian, longtime professor, and writer. Regular Baptist Press has published a number of his books in the past.

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