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Godless Government

By May 1, 1994July 16th, 2014No Comments


As America’s government continues to pursue godless and immoral policies, is there a point where we should abandon involvement in our political system, initiate an alternative, or flee the country?

In response to your question I would ask, Where would you flee? The United States is not the only corrupt nation on earth. In fact, we have a godly heritage, and it is sad how we have drifted from it. The Bible tells us wickedness will increase upon the whole earth as we approach the end of the age (2 Tim. 3:1–14), so we really cannot escape until the Lord raptures us. After the Rapture, every nation will gather to fight Israel during the Tribulation. This fact shows the universal scope of the departure from God (Rev. 16:14, 16).

God may lead some people to relocate in other countries for various reasons. However, believers have existed and thrived under every situation and political system imaginable. We cannot be escapists; God wants His testimonies everywhere, including in degenerate, oppressive societies. Modern psychology has often conditioned people to look for freedom from pain, adversity and problems, when in reality these are the ingredients for character and spiritual endurance.

The greatest danger is that we Christians can be lulled into misconceiving personal happiness and self-esteem as our main pursuits. Indeed these two qualities can even be construed as personal rights.

The Bible contains many examples of God’s people who lived in corrupt times and adverse situations. Daniel is one. Joseph is another. In fact, not many believers in the Bible had ideal conditions.

Second, a democratic type of government is not the only one God uses. In the Millennium God will rule not through a democracy but with a monarchy (Rev. 20:4). We Americans sometimes equate our way of life with God’s will. This equation is not necessarily true, although we do not deny God’s blessings upon our nation in the past.

Finally, no matter what happens, Christians should submit to authority, though this submission does not always mean obedience. We must always obey God before, and rather than, men (Acts 5:29).

In summary, we need to be where God wants us to be. That lifestyle is the most productive, as well as safest, way to live.

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Reprinted from the Baptist Bulletin (May 1994).
© 1994 Regular Baptist Press. All rights reserved.
Used by permission.

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