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Book Review: God in Everyday Life

BRAD BRANDT and ERIC KRESS, Kress Christian Publications, 187 Pages, Paper, $14.99

We have in this interesting and rather unusual book a “marriage” (no pun intended) of Biblical scholarship and principles in Biblical counseling by two pastors! Hear Brandt out:

Commentaries are like seminarians. Some provide a tedious examination of the biblical text but apparently assume that the bridge to the world of the present either is not necessary or will just take care of itself. Others offer quite down to earth biblical “application” but leave the pastor scratching his head wondering just how biblical the application really is. Why does it have to be either/or? Is it not possible to write a commentary that takes seriously the biblical and the contemporary world? . . . That is why the book you are holding came to be. This is an expositional commentary on the book of Ruth. It is also a commentary on how the book of Ruth speaks to the people with whom we live and minister today.

Readers of this review may want to get the work simply to see this unique combination. But in so doing, they will also get a great commentary on this wonderful Old Testament book. Jay Adams, Robert Gromacki, R. Kent Hughes, and Randy Patten are familiar names in our circles who provide positive accolades for God in Everyday Life. Perhaps in the future more books with this twofold objective will spring up, helping many.

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