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From This Day Forward: Preparing Couples for the Journey of a Lifetime

By January 27, 2011July 16th, 2014No Comments

Michael J. Peck
Baptist Church Planters
115 Pages (Couple’s Edition), Paper
124 Pages (Counselor’s Edition), Paper
$29.95 for set of two couple’s books and one counselor’s edition

Married people who have had excellent Biblical premarital counseling probably can’t imagine going into marriage without it. Unfortunately, many couples don’t have this preparation. This book will help both the pastor and the engaged couple.

The chapters of the two volumes—one volume for the counselor’s use and the other for the couple—parallel each other, but the counselor’s edition includes teacher’s manual–type notes and two chapters that offer additional counseling aids, supplemental worksheets, tests, and assignments.

Peck’s material is designed for six premarital counseling sessions and one postmarital session. The first session deals with the foundational understanding of marriage and other introductory concerns. He emphasizes that no two counseling situations are alike and that the pastor will need to address specific situations and applications at appropriate times. Other sessions deal with establishing the home and having children, intimacy in marriage, helping the couple plan the wedding day (including three new wedding ceremony samples), and financial guidelines.

This premarital counseling set is the result of more than three decades of preparation. Peck is familiar to many in our GARBC circles. He and his wife, Karen, served the Lord in the pastorate 31 years before joining Baptist Church Planters in 2001. They also have had considerable experience in marriage and family life—“through the marvels of birth, adoption and foster parenting, Michael and his wife, Karen, have parented twenty-five children.”

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