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Computer Dating Services

By October 1, 1994July 16th, 2014No Comments


Does the Bible set any guidelines regarding the Christian use of computer dating services to find a future spouse?

The Bible doesn’t mention this modern-day invention, of course, but it does point to better ways to settle the question of finding your life’s partner. This statement does not mean that you could never find God’s choice through a dating service. However, an invention such as a computer dating service has limitations. It can process only certain data and assume that certain factors work out better than others regarding compatibility.

In His perfect wisdom, God may have other factors in mind. Who can say that certain characteristics in two people are always ideal for matchmaking? God knows what we need; after all, He created each of us. Furthermore, He has in mind a ministry for the couple who wants to obey His will. He knows how to blend the right characteristics, experiences, and so forth into a successful marriage.

The best way to find the right mate is to grow spiritually yourself and wait upon the Lord for direction. Do you believe He can direct your circumstances—even without a computer dating service—so that you will meet the right person when he or she comes along?

Psalm 32:8 promises something that every believer can claim for all the situations and decisions of life: “I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye.” This verse implies that we continually trust in God’s good leading. We need not panic.

On the other hand, depending on man-made ways to make something happen can be dangerous. Among individuals in the Bible who took matters into their own hands were Abraham, who lied about his wife; Moses, who tried to save his people by killing an Egyptian; and Peter, who tried to defend the Lord by cutting off a soldier’s ear. Not trusting God’s leading and timing led to disastrous results. There is a better way to solve a problem; that is—grow in your trust of God’s good leading and be in the place God wants you to be.

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Reprinted from the Baptist Bulletin (October 1994).
© 1994 Regular Baptist Press. All rights reserved.
Used by permission.

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