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Reviewed by Ryan Schildroth

I just finished a challenging book on preaching by R. Albert Mohler titled He Is Not Silent: Preaching in a Postmodern World. I initially picked it up because postmodern thought is everywhere in our society. I hoped to discover new ways to communicate God’s timeless Word to people who may or may not share my convictions about it.

While I did not discover any shocking or new methods, I found myself encouraged and excited to continue in the ministry of the Word. God, the creator and redeemer, has spoken and we, as preachers, have the privilege of declaring the message! That privilege and responsibility is not eased or changed when the cultural attitude discounts or dismisses any claims to authority—particularly from God’s Word.

Dr. Mohler writes with clarity and conviction with frequent references to Scripture. Some key points that stuck with me include the following:

  • Regarding preaching as worship: Preaching is central in worship because hearing the preached Word is hearing the voice of God.
  • Regarding preaching to a postmodern, Biblically illiterate audience: Preaching must declare the whole story of redemption, not just bits and pieces. The parts must be fit back into the whole of Scripture.
  • Regarding preaching with urgency: We must preach with urgency because sinners need salvation, salvation is found only in the gospel, and no one will accept the gospel unless it is proclaimed.

None of these points should surprise anyone with a conviction about the necessity of Biblical preaching. But for those who, like me, have opportunity to preach to a wide variety of people with a vast array of beliefs outside the church, He Is Not Silent provides encouragement to continue preaching because God will use His Word as it is preached to change hearts for eternity. I fully recommend this book for any preacher.

Ryan Schildroth is associate pastor of Calvary Baptist Church, Jersey Shore, Pa.

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