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Book Review: 50 People Every Christian Should Know

Reviewed by Joe Hayes

If you enjoy being enlightened, being encouraged, and learning by reading biographies, you will love 50 People Every Christian Should Know! If you don’t, this book may kindle a new love for you.

Warren Wiersbe’s six- to 20-page accounts give insightful personal histories, helpful comments, and suggested applications for his readers from the lives of 50 men and women who have impacted their world and ours for God. These people lived from 1499 to 1971. The author gives annotated recommendations of many books by and about his subjects. He also includes many amazing, providential, unusual, and humorous facts about their lives, families, and ministries. Dr. Wiersbe shares many ways that these men and women have helped him personally.

These brief biographies include a runaway nun, persecuted believers, amazing laymen, faithful pastors, godly preachers, a highly acclaimed preacher who was probably unsaved, God-blessed evangelists, committed missionaries, Bible-centered scholars, well-known Christian authors, inspiring hymn writers, and helpful musicians. They represent a variety of doctrinal viewpoints.

You will learn some of Martin Luther’s interesting nicknames for his wife, such as “Kitty, my rib”; Benjamin Franklin’s comment that George Whitefield could clearly be heard by 30,000 people at one time, without using a microphone; and some of Dr. Wiersbe’s evidences that Dwight L. Moody was perhaps the most remarkable Christian layman America ever produced—including the fact that Moody brought the gospel to an estimated 100 million people during his lifetime, without radio, television, or even a public address system!

There is so much more that will thrill, challenge, and otherwise bless you in this amazing volume. I hope you will enjoy it and benefit from it half as much as I have.

Rev. Joe Hayes is the state representative of the Iowa Association of Regular Baptist Churches.

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  • Dick Dayton says:

    Greg, Thanks for the post. I have Wiersbe’s “Walking With The Giants” and it is another one that does a great job of telling about godly people. One of our college students gave me Wiersbe’s “Life Sentences” which gives 3 or 4 page devotionals based upon key Bible characters. Also worth the purchase.

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