• Why Does Good Friday Matter?

    Why Does Good Friday Matter?

    By Bob Stevenson Tomorrow, we celebrate good Friday. In our church, we gather to read the passion narrative and reflect on the event of the cross. Like any holiday, this one possesses potential to become repetitious and mundane if handled carelessly. But when we embrace it, this very repetition breaks through the noise to anchor us. So why does good Friday ...more

  • Miracles: Then and Now (Part Four)

    Miracles: Then and Now (Part Four)

    In the spiritual gift lists in the New Testament, some gifts were miraculously endowed and immediately exercised and some were non-miraculously, naturally inherited and ...more



  • A Mother’s Shield

    A Mother’s Shield

    Mothers are not generally regarded as warriors. However, the Bible describes some mothers who fought in a hand-to-hand combat for their children. ...more




  • Walking in the Way

    Walking in the Way

    General Session- Walking in the Way Thursday Evening, June 28, 2018 Dr. Thomas White, President, Cedarville ...more

Book Reviews

  • Implosion


    Joel C. Rosenberg Tyndale House, 388 Pages, Hardcover: $26.99, Paper: $15.99, eBook: $15.99 A truly challenging reading as Americans celebrate the country’s independence, this book by a ...more

  • Ministry of Presence

    Ministry of Presence

    Whit Woodard Faithful Life Publishers, 182 Pages, Paper: $14.99, Kindle: $2.99; Nook: $2.99 Woodard, a Regular Baptist chaplain, gives insight concerning the chaplaincy, emphasizing the concept and ...more