• The Importance of Biblical Creationism for Theology

    The Importance of Biblical Creationism for Theology

    By Kyle Dunham How important is biblical creation for one’s theology? Self-professed evangelicals increasingly say, “Very little.” A surprising number of theologians downplay its importance. Wayne Grudem, while agreeing that the biblical data favors young-earth creationism, argues that “both ‘Old Earth’ and ‘Young Earth’ theories are valid options for Christians who believe the Bible today” (Systematic Theology, 297). Robert Culver likewise ...more

  • Three Prayers for Sunday Morning

    Three Prayers for Sunday Morning

    By Nick Harsh Sunday morning. For some families, these two simple words call to mind a morning filled with chaos. For others, however, Sunday mornings are slow and provide an opportunity to sleep in. Sometimes when you arrive at church, it’s clear that others have had a crazy morning. Perhaps you observe a periodic yawn, missed belt-loop, or uncombed cowlick en ...more

Book Reviews

  • Implosion


    Joel C. Rosenberg Tyndale House, 388 Pages, Hardcover: $26.99, Paper: $15.99, eBook: $15.99 A truly challenging reading as Americans celebrate the country’s independence, this book by a ...more

  • Ministry of Presence

    Ministry of Presence

    Whit Woodard Faithful Life Publishers, 182 Pages, Paper: $14.99, Kindle: $2.99; Nook: $2.99 Woodard, a Regular Baptist chaplain, gives insight concerning the chaplaincy, emphasizing the concept and ...more


  • A Mother’s Shield

    A Mother’s Shield

    Mothers are not generally regarded as warriors. However, the Bible describes some mothers who fought in a hand-to-hand combat for their children. ...more




  • Walking in the Way

    Walking in the Way

    General Session- Walking in the Way Thursday Evening, June 28, 2018 Dr. Thomas White, President, Cedarville ...more