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October 2021 Bb Pulse: Power and Authority of Jesus Christ

Reading John 11 this morning impressed upon my heart again the absolute power and authority of Jesus Christ. Even over death. As we read this passage of Scripture, recounting our Savior raising Lazarus from the dead, we’re reminded that our God will often place us in situations that seem impossible. But as we face obstacles, may we never forget that our God not only has the power to raise the dead, but also to transform our hearts to become more like His Son.

I pray that the glory of our Savior would be at the forefront of your minds as you read about what God is doing in the GARBC. We exist to exalt Him, to serve Him, to tell the lost about Him, and to help His followers grow and change into His image. It’s a privilege to serve you and this fellowship of churches.

Mike Hess
GARBC National Representative

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