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August 2021 Bb Pulse: Faithfulness to Scripture

Summer months can be exciting times in the life of a church. Now that most COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted, churches are finally able to once again have in-person Vacation Bible School. I’m also seeing numerous stories on social media of young people and families attending camp for a concentrated time of fun and to be immersed in Biblical teaching and heart transformation. What is God doing in your life and heart this summer? What are some of your spiritual goals this summer? Has your love for the Lord, His Word, and your church grown in these summer months? My prayer is that the resources offered by the GARBC and RBP point your heart closer to the likeness of Christ. May He be greatly glorified as we long to please Him in local church ministry.

Mike Hess
GARBC National Representative

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News from Regular Baptist Ministries

  • Mike Hess: Heart Transformation
  • International: Compassion Fund
  • Mark Johnson: Brotherhood Mutual
  • Manning Brown: Chaplaincy Training
  • David Gunn: Vacation Bible School
  • Clare Jewell: Generate Friends

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Improving Your Ministry Skills

Mike’s Picks: Resources for Ministry

  • Read Jeff Straub’s article on plagiarism in preaching.
  • Read Jonathan Leeman’s article on pastors who plagiarize.
  • Read articles, view photos, and listen to select audio from the 2021 GARBC Conference.


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Improving Your Ministry Skills

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