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Youth Camp Trains Students in Spiritual Leadership

HILLSBORO, Ind.—Twin Lakes Camp, a member of the National Association of Regular Baptist Camps, hosted a special week of camp for students who desire to pursue full-time ministry or who just want to be challenged spiritually on a deeper level.

The Leadership Camp is available for just 40 students. Not only did 40 students attend, but 20 more added their names to a waiting list. Kingdom Rain Ministries, which focuses on ministering to closed Muslim countries, facilitated the event. Using its experience in training leaders to build sustainable disciple-making movements, Kingdom Rain Ministries coached students on following Jesus’ example of making disciples.

“The key to reaching Gen Z students,” says Jon Beight, executive director of Twin Lakes Camp, “is to give them a cause. When developing leaders for the church, what better cause than that of making disciples that will make disciples. This generation of students wants to make a difference and are entrepreneurial in spirit. Kingdom Rain was a natural fit for this specialized summer camp experience.”

During the camp, students developed Christlike leadership skills through specialized learning experiences, and cabin groups participated in mock house churches. After the powerful week of instruction, students returned home with resources to help them model their discipleship-making efforts on the ministry of Jesus Christ.