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Yards Signs Spreading Hope and Joy

Yard signs in Vacaville, Calif., share the message that our hope is in the Lord.

VACAVILLE, Calif.—Members of Orchard Avenue Baptist Church are using yard signs to share the message that our hope is in the Lord.

While briefly speaking to his congregation online about three weeks ago, Pastor Ken Doan pointed out Psalm 118:24: “This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

“It’s hard for some people right now to rejoice and be glad,” he says. “They’re frustrated, discouraged, and lonely.”

“Now is a perfect time,” he says, “for us to be the church . . . and let our joy be contagious.”

In that same video he showed viewers a yard sign saying “Our Hope Is in You, Lord.” The church’s name and logo are in the top right corner. He challenged his congregation to display the signs in their yards.

One of the women attending the church had come up with the idea of displaying yard signs. The church took that idea “and ran with it,” Ken says. Another church member designed the sign, and a local shop printed 100 18″ x 24″ copies in less than 24 hours. “Can you imagine 100 of these all over the city of Vacaville?” he asked his congregation.

In the Midwest, inspired by Orchard Avenue Baptist Church, Calvary Baptist Church in Wisconsin Rapids started a similar yard sign project April 7. The church adapted the yard sign to include the name and logo of Calvary Baptist in the top corner. Church members picked up copies of the sign from the church or printed copies from home and then posted the signs in their homes’ and offices’ windows. The church also planned to have yard signs available. After encountering shipping delays, the church is excited to have received its shipment of yard signs April 13.

Calvary Baptist thanks Orchard Avenue Baptist for the inspiration “to spread the message of Hope in our neighborhoods.”