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Volunteer Muralist Depicts Life of Christ

PRINCETON, Ind.—Students attending Sunday School classes at First Baptist Church have beautiful visuals of the life of Christ, thanks to a church member who has begun painting murals on the classroom walls.

Associate Pastor Mark Massaro had asked volunteers to paint Bible scenes on the walls of First Baptist Church’s Sunday School building. “I was hoping for a few Bible scenes,” he says. Children painted a mural depicting the birth of Jesus, and another group painted a scene from the life of Christ. Charlie Hunt, however, “is telling the whole life story of Jesus Christ through paintings,” Massaro says. “God rekindled a passion for art in Charlie, and he is using his talent to glorify God.”

When Charlie volunteered for the project in 2015, he hadn’t painted in 20 years. But he discovered that painting was something he still enjoyed. “I’ve got 39 pictures in mind, from Mary and Joseph and Jesus crossing the desert, to Christ’s ascension,” he says in the Princeton Daily Clarion. “I’ve got 11 completed.”

Charlie spends about 20 hours each week creating the murals, working from early- to mid-morning. Currently he is painting a scene of Jesus’ crucifixion.

In addition to his ministry of painting, Charlie is also involved in visitation, volunteers with children’s outreach ministries in the Princeton community, and organizes First Baptist’s monthly men’s breakfast. Massaro says, “It is such a blessing to have people willing and gifted to serve.”