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Ukrainian Baptist Church Provides Humanitarian Aid in Ukraine

Individuals in Poland organize food to distribute in Ukraine, with the help of funds collected by Ukrainian Baptist Church, Berwyn, Ill.

BERWYN, Ill.—Ukrainian Baptist Church has been raising funds to help provide humanitarian aid for people in Ukraine. To date, the church has sent $30,000 to its international missionaries and other sources, who then purchase and deliver necessities to people in Ukraine.

Stationed in various hubs of Poland are Ukrainian missionaries the church supports, explains Aleksandr Kalinin, senior pastor of Ukrainian Baptist Church. The missionaries purchase food, medicine, protective gear, and other necessities; load them into trucks; and deliver the items to vetted churches in war-torn regions of Ukraine, including Lviv.

The church also sends funds to two additional places in Ukraine: a warehouse that is collecting and distributing food and a bakery in Kyiv that is baking bread every day to give to people in need. Some of that bread was given to people even as they were fleeing their villages.

Normally “these are the most peaceful villages you can imagine,” says a staff member of the bakery. “Despite that we hear heavy artillery, we still are continuing our ministry and serving people. We [are] still trying to give them some place to eat. We give them warm bread, we give them warm soup, and we will do it as long as it will allow.”

A restaurant in Berwyn has also teamed up with Ukrainian Baptist Church. On March 16 the restaurant donated one hundred percent of its profits to the church’s fundraising effort. The church is now talking with staff from other restaurants who are also interested in hosting fundraising events.

Ukrainian Baptist Church prays that God will “provide peace and comfort to all that are hurting” in Ukraine.

To donate toward Ukrainian Baptist Church’s fundraising efforts for people in Ukraine, give at