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Soteria Des Moines Ordains Jared Segerstrom

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa—Soteria Des Moines ordained one of its own staff members, Jared Segerstrom. He has served faithfully at Soteria for eight years as a leader in the middle school ministry, director of the high school ministry, and a pastoral assistant. The church says that Jared “has been instrumental in developing a gospel-centered program for all of our students in middle school and high school.”

Pastor Mike Augsburger moderated the ordination council. In that role he allowed time for church members and pastors to ask Jared doctrinal questions. Jared says that the Q and A gave him a powerful reminder. “God reminded me that I’m not called as a pastor to know my Bible just so I can sound smart in front of my peers or pass examinations. I need to know my Bible so that I can give people what they desperately need: truth from God’s Word, which helps them navigate life by faith.”

On Sunday, Oct. 14, five days after his ordination, the church voted to call Jared as a pastor of the church.

“We are thankful for all the ways God has used Jared in the life of our church to make more and better disciples who learn, grow, and serve,” says Nick Harsh of Soteria Des Moines. “We are privileged to have him as one of our pastors.”