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Seminar Discusses Importance of Apologetics

FLINT, Mich.—South Baptist Church hosted the Men Modeling the Master Seminar March 6, an annual event sponsored by the Eastern Michigan Association of Regular Baptist Churches.

“The host church did an excellent job of providing a safe environment for the worship and speaking sessions,” says Ken Floyd, executive director of the Michigan Association of Regular Baptist Churches.

The seminar featured the teaching ministry of Dr. Dan DeWitt, director of the Center for Biblical Apologetics and Public Christianity and associate professor of Applied Theology and Apologetics, both at Cedarville University.

In addressing the theme “Apologetics for Today,” Dr. DeWitt spoke on the importance of Christian apologetics, or, as he defines apologetics, “giving an answer for why you believe what you believe.”

“When someone asks you, ‘Why do you believe that?’ whatever comes out of your mouth is apologetics,” he explains.

If we are to love God and love others, he says, we will take others’ questions, as well as our own, seriously.

Dr. DeWitt’s three sessions focused on addressing three issues: Is Christianity good? Is Christianity rational? Is Christianity true?

Access videos and PowerPoint slides from each session at