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Science Demonstrations Point People to the Lord

By September 15, 2015No Comments

SpringHillFL_inlineSPRING HILL, Fla.—Science and evangelism combined at Spring Hill Baptist Church to form a memorable evening. Evangelist Steve Wilson presented his “God Science” demonstrations Aug. 16, relating spiritual truths to scientific principles.

Wilson says, “Jesus often spoke in parables to teach us spiritual principles. Pastors and teachers use vivid stories and illustrations to convey their message. I present inspiring and Biblical centered messages through a mosaic of entertaining chemical demonstrations.”

“Steve is a dedicated man of God who loves to use his background to present the gospel and point people back to the Lord,” says Mike Willis, pastor of Christian Education and principal of the church’s Spring Hill Christian Academy. “I have had him come [to the academy] on two different occasions to speak to the students. Both times he has been excellent. Not only does he care about the people to whom he is speaking, but he is also mindful of the sanctuary and treats it as the house of God.”