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Renewed by the Word of God

toledo_inlineTOLEDO, Ohio—Emmanuel Baptist Church held its first Renew Women’s Conference Nov. 4 and 5. Approximately 175 women gathered from several neighboring states to be renewed by the truth of the Word with Biblical counselor Martha Peace. The purpose of the conference comes from Romans 12:2, which encourages believers to be “transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

“Everyone appreciates and needs renewal,” and that’s what this conference delivered, says Lauri Swisher, executive assistant to Pastor Duke Crawford. “Martha helped the ladies to renew their view of our sovereign Creator by coming to Him with awe, fear, worship, and with deep gratitude and humility.”

On Friday evening, Martha shared her testimony of how she found the saving grace of Jesus Christ at age 33. Martha, a nurse and somewhat hostile feminist in an unhappy marriage, learned about Christ through a coworker who witnessed to her daily. Eventually her entire family came to know the Lord.

On Saturday, speaking from her experience of one-on-one counseling and searching the Scriptures, Martha taught the importance of a high view of God, overcoming depression and anxiety, and the corrupting influence of feminism on culture. The conference ended with a question-and-answer time, with Martha addressing tough issues like rebellious teens, pornography, and counseling friends with depression.

“We will continue to grow from her teaching, as her books were sold out during that weekend,” says Julie Carey of Emmanuel Baptist. Martha is the author of seven books, including her most recent, Modesty: More than a Change of Clothes, and is an adjunct faculty member of The Master’s College. “Martha’s husband, Sanford, managed her book table, so we were delighted to get to know him also. We were privileged to get to know Martha and sit under her sound teaching.”