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Reaching the Heart of Trenton with the Heart of God

By September 24, 2014October 17th, 2014No Comments

TrentonNJ_inlineHAMILTON TOWNSHIP, N.J.—With the current congregation of Faith Baptist Church representing 18 nations, the church has been enjoying the rare blessing of unity with diversity. “It is truly a treasure to have such diversity within our church,” the congregation says. Believing that this “treasure” should be duplicated and shared with people in nearby Trenton, the capital of New Jersey, Faith Baptist planted an inner-city church in 2012 “To Reach the Heart of Trenton with the Heart of God.” At the first service, 25 people from downtown and 65 from Faith Baptist Church gathered together. “Over the past two years plus,” says the church, “God has abundantly blessed His Story in so many ways. Just this past month, we had a record high of 156 people in attendance. All but 15 were from Trenton. God surely loves to bless the intentional pursuit of the nations in our cities!”

From the beginning of the church plant, Faith Baptist wanted to emphasize unity in diversity. So they named the new church Mosaic Baptist. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a mosaic as “something made up of different things that together make a pattern.” Lance Walker, one of Faith Baptist’s co-pastors, spearheaded the ministry in Trenton. He says it is clear from the Bible that God intends His people to be a living mosaic. God’s greatest mosaic is the church, which comprises different people who together make a pattern of Jesus Christ. This key insight is exactly what burdened Faith Baptist Church to plant a daughter church in Trenton’s inner city.

Pastor Walker says that God has “grown” Mosaic Baptist Church “by giving us some remarkable and unusual opportunities to make His name famous in Trenton.” Mosaic Baptist has been on two radio programs and two local TV news channels. They have held Bible studies in the Department of Motor Vehicles and the Department of Transportation buildings. God has sent friends who, through generous donations of thousands of dollars, enabled the church to renovate the inside of its building. A missions team from Minnesota painted the second and third floors and set up the church’s clothes closet ministry, which serves people every Sunday. Even before Mosaic Baptist was planted, Faith Baptist purchased a portable shower trailer that enables the homeless of downtown Trenton to bathe. This allows Mosaic to connect with hundreds of homeless people every week. As a result, many have been saved and joined the church.

Mosaic Baptist Church describes the amazing things that are taking place by saying, “Only God could do that!” They are thankful for the amazing mosaic God is making in Trenton, N.J. “Certainly, this is a work of art that ‘only God’ could do!” says co-pastor Ted Martens.

The next step for Faith and Mosaic is to find a man who could become the full-time pastor of this church ministry. “We are seeking the Lord for a man of God who has a passion for God’s Story and will commit his life to reaching the least, the last, and the lost in an inner-city setting,” says Faith Baptist. Anyone interested in “reaching the heart of Trenton with the heart of God” at Mosaic Baptist Church should contact Pastor Walker at 609-273-8262 or at