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Putting Adventure into Kids’ Program

PRINCETON, Ind.—Families at First Baptist Church enjoyed an afternoon of making and flying kites. The event was part of the church’s monthly outdoor activity and craft program called Awana Adventures. First Baptist began the program this school year for clubbers in kindergarten through fifth grade along with their parents.

“We envisioned bringing some Scouting elements like the appreciation of the outdoors, crafts, life skills, and parent involvement to our program,” says Mark Massaro, associate pastor. “There is often a natural tie-in to a Scriptural principle as well.”

Each month’s activity involves people in the community or church with knowledge and a passion for the month’s theme. For its kite activity, Cal Biddle, a deacon at the church, taught the history of kites, what makes them fly, and how to make two simple kites. In past activities, students and their parents have learned from local firefighters about outdoor fire safety and how to make a campfire, learned how to shoot a bow and arrow, used a map and compass to find hidden treasures around the church property, made Nativity Christmas ornaments, and built Grand Prix wooden race cars. The group also plans to go fishing.