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Pastor’s Wife Donna Poole Writes Novel about Life in a Country Church

PITTSFORD, Mich.—Donna Poole of Lickley’s Corners Baptist Church has written a novel based on the real life experiences that she and her husband, John, have shared as pastor and wife of this country church for four decades.

Corners Church: Where Two Dirt Roads Meet tells the fictional story of “a tiny country church at the corner of two dirt roads.” The congregation captures the hearts of Pastor Jim and his wife, Darlene, and teaches the couple the joy of community.

Donna invites readers to “join Jim and Darlene in their hilarious and heartbreaking adventures including a homicide, wild dogs, and a slide down a coal chute. Laugh, cry, and feel right at home at Corners Church, where no one is a stranger, not even the stray dog that wanders in and walks right up to the pulpit.”

The book is “is partly semi-autobiographical and partly outrageous lies,” she told Hillsdale Daily News. “I had fun writing it. I hope it reminds readers that God is here and cares in the best and worst of times.”

In addition to serving as a pastor’s wife, Donna is also a freelance writer. She wrote “The Christian Woman” column that ran in The Baptist Bulletin for more than 20 years; has written many articles for Regular Baptist Press Sunday School curriculum take-home papers; and wrote a column called “Rainbows and Dustmops” for the Baptist Testimony, the newsletters of the Michigan Association of Regular Baptist Churches, from 1978 to 1980.

Donna and John have served at Lickley’s Corners Baptist Church since 1974 and celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on Aug. 1, 2019.

Donna released Corners Church on July 3, the 46th anniversary of the Pooles’ first Sunday ministering at Lickley’s Corners Baptist Church. She’s already working on a sequel titled If the Creek Don’t Rise.