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Pastors’ Meeting Addresses ‘Politics, Patriotism, and the People of God’

breakpoint_inlineGRAND RAPIDS, Mich.—Dr. Michael Wittmer addressed the topic “Politics, Patriotism, and the People of God” at a gathering for pastors. The men were all pastors of churches affiliated with the Grand Rapids Association of Regular Baptist Churches and met at Forest Hills Baptist Church Sept. 27. Wittmer is professor of systematic and historical theology and director of the Center for Christian Worldview at Cornerstone University.

“Many in our churches are so deeply immersed in Americana, they forget that the church stands distinct from the world,” says Jeff Burr, lead pastor of Forest Hills Baptist. “We must never make the mistake of trying to join Jesus to the culture.”

“That is always a liberal move,” Dr. Wittmer points out.

“The church is bigger than any one country or political party,” Burr took away from the meeting. “Nothing should be allowed to detract from Jesus and His kingdom—and that would include introducing political candidates in a worship service or putting the American flag on the church platform.”

This pastors’ gathering marked the launch of the Grand Rapids Association of Regular Baptist Churches’ monthly meetings for pastors called Breakpoint.