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Partnering Together for Stronger, Healthier Churches

Orchard Baptist, Vacaville, Calif., helps with an outreach event at another Regular Baptist church in its area.

VACAVILLE, Calif.—Orchard Baptist Church knows that like-minded churches that partner together become stronger and healthier. So when Regular Baptist churches in its area find themselves in times of need, Orchard Baptist Church helps out.

Orchard Baptist Church has an ongoing ministry with Maxwell (California) Baptist Church, led for nearly 40 years by Malcolm White, a bivocational pastor.

Orchard’s church family has helped Maxwell Baptist Church with work days, landscaping, community outreach events, and updating the lighting in the auditorium. Orchard also provides pulpit supply when Pastor White is sick or out of town.

“This past Christmas, we took our entire worship team and a soloist up to do a Christmas concert,” says Ken Doan, pastor of Orchard Baptist Church. “Prior to the event, we mailed a flyer to every resident in the town.”

More recently, Berean Baptist Church in Fairfield lost its pastor, when he moved to the Southeast. Two laymen from Berean Baptist “are doing an outstanding job leading the church through this transition,” Ken says. “We have been able to fill in as pulpit supply for them.”

Orchard has also developed a relationship with the pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Sonoma. He had been associate pastor of the church since 2016 but, following the death of the pastor in 2021, transitioned to the senior pastorate. So Orchard has welcomed the opportunity to serve this church and pastor as needed.

Pastor Doan and the Orchard Baptist Church family are thankful to “have both the proximity to our association churches and the ability to send a layman or staff” to help its sister churches in need.