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Orchard Avenue Baptist Brings Sunday School to Children Online

VACAVILLE, Calif.—As COVID-19 causes churches to shut their doors, more and more churches are bringing their worship services to their people via livestreaming. Orchard Avenue Baptist Church has gone a step further by livestreaming a children’s Sunday School class with Pastor Ken Doan.

Thirty minutes before speaking during the worship service, Ken, sitting in a classroom for 4- and 5-years-olds, read a children’s book aloud. “I get the privilege today . . . of being part of your Sunday School class,” he said to the children watching online. “Years ago, this is what I did for a job,” he said. “I was a children’s pastor in Alaska. So this is fun for me, to be able to be back here and being a part of the children’s ministry.”

After reading the story, he spoke to the children about the meaning of the book and how it applies to them. “We’re going through very difficult times in our country,” he told the children. In these difficult times, “we can all practice being generous and kind and loving. During this time of need in our country, wouldn’t it be awesome if you and I were the ones that were generous?”

He followed that message with a Bible lesson for older students about God’s creation, encouraging them not to be anxious or afraid.

Additional churches have also moved their Sunday and midweek ministries for children to online formats. Read how those churches are connecting with their students in “Churches Bring Kids4Truth Clubs Home.” In addition, see ways to use Regular Baptist Press resources online and at home.