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Networking and Leadership Development at Camp Conference

camp1_inlineHILLSBORO, Ind.—Twin Lakes Camp and Conference Center hosted the Annual Camp Conference of the National Association of Regular Baptist Camps. Attending Nov. 7–10 were 152 people representing 16 camps and one international camping ministry.

Jim Badke, author of The Christian Camp Counselor and The Christian Camp Leader, spoke during four sessions on discipleship. In addition, industry leaders led 20 workshops on administration, program, maintenance, food service, and more, serving as professional development opportunities for camp staff.

The National Association of Regular Baptist Camps, explains Jon Beight, executive director of Twin Lakes Camp and Conference Center, “is a group of 18 camps across the United States that have joined together to aid in the development of programs and ideas for Christian camping, to be a source of information on areas of concern to Christian camping, and to provide a united voice for Christian camping to the GARBC and state and federal governments.” The Annual Camp Conference occurs each November to help accomplish these purposes.

During the summer of 2016 over 21,000 campers attended NARBC camps, an 8–10 percent increase for many of the camps. “Christian camping continues to be a viable and vibrant ministry,” Beight says.