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Moving Forward: Consultation Services Assist

The drawers are empty, the shelves are cleared off, and the lights are turned off in the pastor’s office. Retirement is a big change not only for a pastor but also for his church. Where does the church go from here? Faith Baptist Church in Winfield, Illinois, recently asked itself that question when its pastor retired from full-time ministry. The church, left without pastoral leadership, reached out to Regular Baptist Ministries to help in this critical time of transition.

Regular Baptist Ministries provided consultation services to help the church develop a plan for moving forward while addressing a broad range of issues, including the day-to-day operations of the church, leadership development, the search for a new pastor, and spiritual growth.

John Greening, national representative of Regular Baptist Churches, met with the deacons and walked them through his book Strong Church to help them understand their role and help them develop as leaders of the church. He also met with the pastoral search committee, using the book The Right Pastor to establish a systematic process for evaluating and identifying the best possible candidate to become the next pastor. Other administrators and pastors at Regular Baptist Ministries also assisted the church with financial planning and pulpit supply.

Using Regular Baptist Ministries resources, the church conducted a survey of the congregation that identified the strengths and gifts within the church, as well as areas ripe for growth. The survey also helped the search committee develop a profile of the type of pastor who would be a perfect fit for the church. The national and state fellowships provided names of potential candidates, and pastors of other Regular Baptist churches lent their support and counsel as well.

Ultimately, Faith Baptist voted unanimously to call Mike Myers as its new pastor. Prior to Myers’ installation at the church, John Greening preached a series of sermons to prepare the congregation for welcoming a new pastor.

Although transitions are challenging, Faith Baptist is giving God praise for the spiritual growth and unity that took place during its transition. With help from Regular Baptist Ministries, the church body rallied together. The church is also grateful to its interim pastor, Dan Green, whose weekly sermons from God’s Word provided stability and whose genuine love for the church was a source of great encouragement.

Faith Baptist Church is thankful for the support of Regular Baptist Ministries and is excited to see God already accomplishing great things.