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Monopoly Madness Connects Students Statewide

Students spend their Monopoly money after Monopoly Madness at Nevada (Iowa) Baptist Church.

NEVADA, Iowa—Nevada Baptist Church invited youth groups across the Iowa Regular Baptist fellowship to attend Monopoly Madness Feb. 26.

This annual event for students in 6th through 12th grade aims to share the gospel with the unsaved and encourage fellowship among the churches’ youth groups. This year is the 23rd year the church has hosted the event.

With 30 Monopoly games being played at one time, students attempt to make the most Monopoly money they can and advance to the next level of play. Each level allows students the chance to make or lose even more money than before, explains Kevin England, associate pastor of Nevada Baptist Church.

At the end of the afternoon, students use their Monopoly money to shop the Monopoly Madness store the church has set up. This year, stocked in the store was more than $2,200 worth in prizes, including a full-size Ping-Pong table, gift cards, smart watches, a Google Nest Mini smart speaker, and video games.

Among the 145 teens (accompanied by 35 youth leaders) were at least 20 teens who did not know Christ as their Savior. The entire group heard the gospel clearly presented by Noah Kephart, dean of students at Faith Baptist Bible College.

“Be praying for genuine salvations with these teens and for unity within our youth groups around the state!” Kevin says.