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Military Care Packages Show Congregation’s Love

By December 20, 2015No Comments

Pastor Nathan Smith and Associate Pastor Scott Parmenter with some of the items donated for military care packages.

ALLEGAN, Mich.—This Christmas, First Baptist Church is thinking of its members who are in the military by sending care packages.

The congregation donated items from an idea list and/or gave money toward postage and items needed. People placed their items in boxes located in two areas of the church. Then senior adults packed the items for shipping during an activity they held on Nov. 21 (a chili cook-off, where the top chef was awarded a prize).

“This Christmas, many of the men and women serving our country will celebrate the season away from home,” says Manning Brown, director of Regular Baptist Chaplaincy. “There is no doubt that they would rather be home. Yet they have chosen to serve their country, and in doing so accepted the responsibility of having to go—to go and defend our freedom and protect the rights and privileges we enjoy, which are all too easily taken for granted.”

He reminds everyone to “pray for our chaplains and all the men and women who are serving our country, especially those who are deployed,” but also to “remember to celebrate.”