MidContinent_inlineKANSAS CITY, Kan.—”The New Testament came alive in a fresh and vibrant way” at the fall conference of the Mid-Continent Association of Regular Baptist Churches, says Thomas Hamilton, pastor of Stony Point Baptist Church. The conference was held Oct. 6 and 7, hosted by Stony Point Baptist.

Dr. Michael McCubbins addressed the theme “Jewish Customs and Culture.” He was born a Jew, encountered Christianity at age 14, and embraced the Messiah in his early 20s. Interpretation is deepened, McCubbins told attendees, when examining the Word of God through the eyes of a cultural Jew who would understand basic, obscure truths that the average Gentile would gloss over or misinterpret. Hamilton says McCubbins’ “expertise in linguistics added credibility to his depth.”