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Michigan Regional Association Discusses Biblical Counseling

By February 3, 2020No Comments

STANTON, Mich.—Leaders of churches fellowshipping with the Central Michigan Association of Regular Baptist Churches met for a leadership forum on “Biblical Counseling in the Local Church.” First Baptist Church hosted this quarterly meeting Jan. 28.

Studying Genesis 3, John 15, and Ephesians 4, the group considered “how mankind functions and then how we change and grow,” says speaker Andy Molyneux, pastor of First Baptist Church, Mount Pleasant, Michigan. The men also discussed their knowledge of and experience with Biblical counseling, along with its definitions, its goals, and the benefits it brings to the church body. In addition to considering formal Biblical counseling, the men discussed other discipleship ministries in the church, “because everyone in the church gives and needs counsel and discipleship,” Andy says.

The next CMARBC meeting will take place April 28 at First Baptist Church in Mount Pleasant. The group plans to discuss the book Side by Side: Walking with Others in Wisdom and Love.