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Iowa Church Celebrates 175th Anniversary

farmington_inlineFARMINGTON, Iowa—First Baptist Church celebrated 175 years of ministry. In 1841, the year the church was organized, only five other Baptist churches existed in Iowa. First Baptist joined the GARBC in 1955 after leaving the Northern Baptist Convention nine years earlier.

The congregation celebrated its milestone anniversary with two days of events. A picnic with plenty of fellowship and recreation began the festivities Saturday afternoon, Aug. 27. A service followed, featuring the testimonies of many past and present church members, who shared what First Baptist has meant in their lives. The celebration continued the next day, with two former pastors, Philip Schmidt and Gary Worsham, along with current pastor Chad Welch, preaching.

Welch has been pastor of First Baptist Church since January 2010. He says the celebration “was a tremendously positive time for the church. With testimonies to God’s faithfulness, great singing, good preaching, much fellowship, and too much food, everyone was encouraged and blessed.”