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Iowa Association Holds Its Annual Conference Online

David Cotner (left) and Daniel Hartwig speak on “Thriving with Healthy Administration” in their workshop at the IARBC Annual Conference.

ANKENY, Iowa—The Iowa Association of Regular Baptist Churches held its annual conference online April 21, both prerecording sessions and offering videoconferencing of others from Community Baptist Church.

The conference was “bittersweet,” says Tim Capon, IARBC state representative. He regrets that the churches couldn’t gather physically to worship and fellowship, as they do each year. But he is thankful for the means “to communicate with one another through technology, and minister to one another in different and creative ways.”

Tim Capon spoke along with Mike Hess, GARBC national representative, on the theme “Thrive: Building Healthy Churches.” That theme is still “timely and needed,” Capon said prior to the conference, as the theme’s content had been “designed to continue our efforts in church revitalization.”

Hess also addressed life and ministry in light of current events, speaking on “God’s Purpose in Your Times of Despair,” “God’s Sufficiency Is Your Confidence,” and “How to Cultivate a Culture of Humility.” Humility is vital for churches to remain strong and unified in this unique time, he says. “If we’re going to survive and thrive in a time when we’re not able to physically gather, it’s imperative that we as church members and church leaders are clothed in and walking in humility,” he says.

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