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Illinois-Missouri Association Meets for Spring Conference

SPRINGFIELD, Ill.—Grace Church was pleased to host the Spring Conference of the Illinois-Missouri Association of Regular Baptist Churches April 6.

“All who attended the conference remarked on how the spirit was exceptionally great and the fellowship especially sweet,” says Pastor Dave Fox. “It was a blessing to again gather together as a fellowship of churches.”

Dr. Jeff Newman spoke on providing hope in Christ through pastoral counseling. Dr. Newman is administrator for missionary soul care at Baptist Mid-Missions and a Regular Baptist Press author, most recently writing Dependence in the Wilderness.

In his practical and timely sessions, he addressed “Stirring Hope in Christ in Marriage Counseling,” “Advancing God’s Glory in Human Sexuality,” and “Fostering God’s Definition of Guilt, Shame, and Forgiveness.”

“Timely, indeed, for the days in which we live!” Dave says.

Dave invites church members and staff in Illinois and Missouri to attend the Illinois-Missouri association’s Fall Conference Oct. 5 at Faith Baptist Church, Winfield, Illinois. Mike Hess, GARBC National Representative will be the speaker.