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IL-MO Conference Emphasizes Authentic Walk with God

DUNDEE, Ill.—Fox Valley Baptist Church hosted the IL-MO Association of Regular Baptist Churches Fall Conference Oct. 1-2.

Speaker Dr. Rick Shrader addressed the topic “What Does It Mean to Walk with God?” He challenged conferees to remember that not only do they minister in a day of unbelief, but also in a time of wide-spread immorality. Shrader stated that Christians and their religious leaders are being influence by ungodly values and are choosing sinful lifestyles that model culture. As a result, the unbelieving world’s first accusation of the church is its hypocrisy. He stated the imperative of Christians living an authentic walk with God so that people see Christ manifested consistently.

During the conference GARBC National Representative Mike Hess participated in a Q & A time. Pastor Mike Myers moderated the friendly interaction, asking Hess various questions regarding his testimony, family, sports interests, and his vision for the national association. Mike Hess expressed his and his wife’s appreciation of the IL-MO association, “The Illinois fellowship will always hold a special place in our hearts. We will always be grateful for those who invested in us and mentored us in our early years of ministry.” Bernie Augsburger serves as representative of the IL-MO Association of Regular Baptist Churches.