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Generation Auction Promotes Multigenerational Fellowship

By August 29, 2015No Comments

RochesterMN_inlineROCHESTER, Minn.—During the school year, the “Resonate” youth leadership team of Calvary Baptist Church meets every Sunday night to study Biblical leadership principles, assess needs in the youth group, and plan events to meet those needs. One of those needs arose from the teens’ observation that they didn’t really know anyone their parents’ age and older at their church.

The teens decided that instead of waiting for others to take the initiative, they would do something about it. So they created a Generation Auction involving not money but time.

The teens organized themselves into pairs or groups and planned a Wednesday-night dessert fellowship and auction to meet older generations in their church. On the night of the auction, a Biblical charge was made regarding the importance of bridging the generation gap. The pairs and groups of teens were introduced to the adults both humorously and in a way that talked about their collective interests (e.g., baking, board games, pets). Using ballots, the adults chose their top three pairs or groups, and from their choices, matches were made. Sometime in the following three weeks the adults and teens would get together for an activity. That activity could be anything, says Youth Pastor Logan Friess, but the point was to spend a few hours together. Over dessert the teens and adults exchanged contact information, agreed on their activity, and set a date and time.

“We will be doing it again!” Friess says.