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First Baptist in Wisconsin Celebrates 125th Anniversary

Pastor Floyd and Becky Lunde

BARRON, Wis.—First Baptist Church celebrated its 125th anniversary. Although March 3 marked the official anniversary date, the church chose the weekend of June 22 and 23 to hold celebration events.

The congregation enjoyed two meals while fellowshipping with friends who had returned for the occasion, including missionaries and former pastors’ wives. Two former pastors, Dr. Walter Olsen and Pastor Darrel Robinson, as well as the current pastor, Dr. Floyd Lunde, spoke on the theme “God’s Faithfulness through Time: Remembering the Past and Anticipating the Future.”

“It is good to stand on the shoulders of those who have come before us as we continue the ministry of God’s church here in Barron,” says Lunde, who became pastor of the church in 2014.

First Baptist was organized in 1894, when six families desired to begin a church that would teach God’s Word to the community. “God has been faithful through the years,” Lunde says, “and through the ups and downs of church life, He has brought many, many souls to Himself, strengthened and encouraged many others, and displayed Himself in this church. We are thankful to be part of that legacy and pray that First Baptist will continue to stand for the truth until the Lord comes again.”