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Decade of Ministry Sees Fruitful Revitalization Efforts

MARSHALL, Mich.—Grace Baptist Church honored Brandon Crawford Sept. 6 for 10 years as the church’s pastor.

Shortly after his arrival as pastor, he and the church began a revitalization effort that the Lord has blessed in remarkable ways. The once elderly congregation is now bustling with new believers and young families. The church has also become debt free even as it has invested more than $75,000 in building renovations.

In addition, the church reformed its worship services, launched outreach programs, and began a ministry called the Michigan Expositors Summit, which brings 50 Michigan pastors together each year to hone their preaching skills.

Along with serving as a pastor, Brandon is a hospice chaplain endorsed by Regular Baptist Chaplaincy. He often invites patients and their families to connect with him and his church online. “Some have become Facebook followers of my church, and others have expressed interest in attending,” he says. He sees this virtual connection “as a way to continue ministering to families in the community after their loved ones have passed away.”

Brandon and his wife, Melanie, are grateful that the Lord has sustained them through the past decade, and they look forward to serving him at Grace in the years to come.