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David Warren Receives Distinguished Service Award

By October 13, 2015No Comments

David Warren and his daughter Janice Supplee, vice president of enrollment management and marketing at Cedarville. Photo courtesy Scott Huck/Cedarville University.

CEDARVILLE, Ohio—Dr. W. David Warren received the Distinguished Service Award from Cedarville University during its homecoming events Oct. 2. Warren is state representative of the Ohio Association of Regular Baptist Churches and serves on Cedarville’s board of trustees. In addition, he is a former member of the GARBC’s Council of Eighteen and is coauthor of Helping Others (Regular Baptist Press), written with his wife, Pat.

Warren graduated from Cedarville University in 1964 with a BA in Bible, earned a ThM from Dallas Theological Seminary, and was awarded an honorary DDiv from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. Early in his ministry career, he pastored Champion Baptist Church, Warren, Ohio, after which he began teaching at Faith Baptist Bible College. He then returned to Cedarville University to teach Bible and, while holding his teaching position for 14 years, was interim pastor at many churches.

Second Timothy 1:3–6 has shaped his life, he told students in his chapel message “Finally, Be Faithful” on Sept. 29. “The Lord is faithful,” he said, drawing from that passage in 2 Timothy, “and because He is faithful, you and I as His people must also be faithful.” Likening the word “faithful” to the word “steady,” he continued, “Not every one of us can be a star, but every one of us can be steady. I certainly don’t consider myself a star—far from it—but every one of us, every one of you, can be steady for the Lord.”