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Creston, Iowa, Church Celebrates 150th Anniversary

First Baptist Church, Creston, Iowa, celebrated its 150th anniversary Oct. 27–30.

First Baptist Church began as a Sunday School that met in a schoolhouse. Those members organized the Sunday School into a church of 13 members, meeting in homes and public buildings. The church constructed its first building in 1882 and joined the GARBC in 1944.

Speaking in the anniversary services and events were several of the church’s former pastors and assistant pastors: Norm Hoag, Randy Cook, John Runyan, Dave Peters, Mark Pearson, Paul Matthiesen, and Ron Schrock. Also attending was Barbara Houg, whose late husband, Richard, was a former pastor of the church.

David Tebbenkamp has been pastor of First Baptist Church since January 2011.

“God has wonderfully blessed us as we have sought to serve Him,” the church says. “During the years that First Baptist Church has been proclaiming the gospel, many of our members have entered full-time service in the Lord’s work. All glory and honor is given to Him for what has been accomplished in and through our church.”