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Creativity and the Christian

LAPEER, Mich.—First Baptist Church held its Creativity and the Christian Conference Saturday, June 11.

The conference, now in its second year, was a full day of workshops, artist spotlights, and keynote sessions, all aimed to equip and inspire believers, both everyday Christians and professional artists, to use their art to serve the church, praise God, and reach others for Christ.

First Baptist Church believes that “creativity is part of the image of God in all of us.” In the Bible, David is one example of someone who used art to praise God.

“King David crafted his own instruments, tuned them, played them, and wrote poetry—all, as Francis Schaeffer writes—’a spiritual exercise to the praise of God,'” the church says.

“This was true when he was singing on a hillside with no one but the sheep and when he praised the Lord before all of Israel. It seems as though the creative work we do can truly have meaning and eternal value.”

Workshops and discussions during the conference centered on the meaning and value of creative arts among Christian makers and artists. Attending artists displayed the work they’ve been gifted to do.

One of those artists was Paul Cox of RefToons, who did a drawing demonstration. RefToons, he explains on his website, “exists to preserve the legacy of theologians of the past by producing humorous and thought-provoking comic strips that bring clarity to various biblical teachings through visual storytelling.”

The conference ended with performances, “showcasing original work from people in our church and art that must be performed to be experienced,” the church says.

First Baptist invites members of other churches—artists, makers, pastors, mentors of artists and makers, and anyone who wants to have a discussion about how creativity is part of the image of God in all of us—to attend in the future, “making our conversations that much richer.”