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Congregation Celebrates Two Centuries of Ministry

anniversary_inlineEDEN, N.Y.—First Baptist Church celebrated its 200th year of ministry. “What a joy it was for the church family to reflect on how the Lord has used the church to impact many lives through the years,” says Pastor Larry King. “God has truly blessed the church because of its faithfulness to Him and His Word through the years.”

A service on Saturday evening, Sept. 10 was followed by a reception in the church’s new outdoor pavilion. At its services that evening and the following morning, the congregation was honored to have the participation of Lucile Baldwin, widow of former pastor Wayne Baldwin, who served from 1951 to 1966; former pastor Larry Walter, who served from 1973 to 1987; and Dr. Jim Vogel, executive director of the Northeast Fellowship.

First Baptist is the oldest church in its community, having been granted the first parcel of land in its township by Holland Land Company after the church’s incorporation in 1816. The congregation first built and met in a log structure. Its pastor was given a stipend of $65 a year and a log parsonage to live in. The congregation currently meets in the facility it built in 1896 on the site of a former military academy.

Under the leadership of Pastor Baldwin, First Baptist began fellowshipping with the GARBC in 1963. Pastor Larry and Janice King have served the church since 1998.