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Conference Encourages Teens to Share Their Faith

ANKENY, Iowa—Teens from Iowa churches attended the Go Conference, an annual event sponsored by the state youth committee of the Iowa Association of Regular Baptist Churches.

The purpose of the conference is to motivate students to use “their God-given opportunities to share their faith in Christ with those in their immediate world who desperately need God’s gift of salvation,” the state youth committee says. “The goal is to both challenge students with the need for personal evangelism but also provide the ‘how’ of sharing the gospel with great clarity and confidence.”

About 60 students attended the three-hour event Sept. 14 at Community Baptist Church in Ankeny. The speaker was Shon Lundberg, pastor of Community Baptist Church. Additional leaders included Jason Reynolds, program director at Iowa Regular Baptist Camp; Jason Blunk, assistant pastor of Ankeny Baptist Church; and Tim Capon, state representative of the IARBC.